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akalapicsmallThe Hip-hop Shakespeare Company is a music theatre production company founded by MOBO-award winning hip-hop artist Kingslee “Akala” Daley, 27.
Based in London, THSC offers young people a different view of the arts and ultimately themselves. Through our education programmes, live music events and music theatre productions we engage young people, particularly those who are considered “hard to reach” and push them toward artistic excellence. By bridging music, theatre and performing arts in non-conventional venues we also strive to alter the perceptions of audiences of all ages, creating the ultimate entertainment experience via literature and the arts across the UK and beyond. 2010 brings the launch of new and exciting additions to THSC: the announcement of our THSC Artist Associate and Peer Leader programme - watch this space!


Via our education programme we deliver workshops and residencies delivered by THSC’s Artist Associates (supported by THSC Peer Leaders) to educate and engage young people at schools, youth theatre’s and various youth organisations who may not ordinarily be interested in Shakespeare and his work by demonstrating how modern hip-hop shares many similarities with the themes, language and rhythm used by The Bard.  Our workshops aim to encourage young people to develop new skills in performing arts by getting them excited about words and rhyming, and thus gain a positive experience of Shakespeare, music, literature and the arts.

We aim to help young people build their self-confidence and unlock their creative and artistic abilities by having them write and perform their own poetic lyrical reinterpretations based on Shakespeare’s works, providing a platform to showcase their own creative ideas with the support and guidance from leading music and theatre industry professionals.

Live Performances:

THSC produce interactive live music events, to showcase the work of up and coming young talent who have come through our education programme who share the stage with well-known artists and actors. These events are produced as part of our “Hip Hop Shakespeare Live” brand in which we work closely with THSC Peer Leaders  to produce live performances at music, theatre, arts and literature festivals internationally!

We also produce live events under our “Hip Hop Shakespeare Youth Live” brand in order to programme THSC performances at community events/festivals as part of our education residency programme.

Music Theatre Productions:

In our strive to push young people toward artistic excellence, we partner with leading arts, theatre, media and music organisations to produce high quality music theatre productions for young people to have the creative space to develop their own multimedia performances interpreting Shakespeare’s works using Hip Hop as a medium to express themselves, with the support of industry professionals.

Akala quotes:

“After rapping about Shakespeare in some of my songs I developed the moniker “the Rap Shakespearean” among the press and my fans.  In 2008, I decided to look for ways to spread my own love of Shakespeare to other young people in a more structured manner….from which THSC was born.”

Our main objective is to create social cohesion between young people from varying social/economic backgrounds and enable all young people to be creative through the use of all art forms.


Iqbal Wahhab (CEO - Roast Restaurant/co-Founder - The Cinnamon Club)

Sorraya Baig (Finance/Operations Director – Syco TV)

David Levy (VP - William Morris Endeavour Europe)

Mervyn Lyn (MD - Strategic Partnership Solutions Ltd)

Kanya King (CEO - MOBO organisation)

Tahir Basheer (Partner – Sheridans Solicitors)

Rob Hallett (President International Touring - AEG Live)

We are supported by:


The Hip-hop Shakespeare Foundation Ltd is a non-profit organisation (company limited by guarantee).  Company Regs No: 6850832

The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company Limited is a private limited company. Company Regs no: 6841462

Registered Office: 37 Warren St, London W1T 6AD

Postal address: Unit 69, 77 Beak Street London W1F 9DB